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Robinhood adds trading of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Robinhood is a popular phone app providing stock trading with $0 fees. It has announced that it will be adding 16 cryptocurrencies to its watchlist, allowing investors to monitor them immediately with the ablility to trade the currencies starting in February with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Trading will only be available to residents of California, Massachusetts, Missouri, […]

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Cryptocurrency trading potentially coming to Moscow Stock Exchange

The Russian state-run news agency Tass reported that the the head of the State Duma’s Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov stated in an interview that the Moscow Stock Exchange may be permitted to trade cryptocurrencies. […]

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Payment processor “Stripe” considering OmiseGO, Ethereum and Stellar

Payment processor Stripe announced today that they plan to remove Bitcoin payment support by April 23, 2018. According to a blog post today by product manager Tom Karlo, large transaction fees and long confirmation times have made Bitcoin less practical for payment processing and “better-suited to being an asset”, according to Tom. […]

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Keeping Your Investments Secure

You may have seen this article about wealthy investors storing their cryptocurrencies in underground vaults with extreme security. It’s an interesting read and if you have a huge amount invested it may be worth looking into something like this but for most people with moderate investments this will not be cost effective. That doesn’t mean that […]

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Free Money! How to acquire cryptocurrency without investing your own cash

I have no money but I am interested in Cryptocurrency. How can I get some without spending money? If this is a question you find yourself asking, you may be surprised that there are several free ways of investing in cryptocurrencies. […]

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How to Buy Altcoins

If you followed our “How to Buy Cryptocurrency” guide and used Coinbase to buy some Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, you might have noticed that you cannot buy other altcoins such as Ripple, Dash, Monero, Stellar, etc. […]

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Tracking coins using Blockfolio

To monitor your cryptocurrency investments I highly recommend using the free app “Blockfolio”, available for both iOS and Android. […]

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What is an ICO?

ICO = Initial coin offering.  Sometimes called a TGE (token generation event). Coin = has it’s own blockchain.   Token = attached to a platform that has utility. […]

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